Sheffield CAZ Calculator: How much will it cost me to drive in the Clean Air Zone?

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Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) has been operating since 27 February 2023, in a bid to reduce emissions in and around the city centre. The most polluting vehicles are now subject to pay a fee for entering the area within Sheffield’s Inner Ring Road. 

Use our calculator below to check whether you will need to pay the CAZ charge or not, how much you will need to pay and how much your total journey will cost you. Enter the postcodes for your starting location and destination; choose your vehicle type, fuel type and the year your vehicle was made and then hit submit – the costs and charges will then auto populate. For more details and full instructions on using the calculator, scroll further down. 

How much will it cost to drive in Sheffield's CAZ calculator


How to use the calculator

  1. Enter the postcode of your starting location
  2. Enter the postcode of your destination
  3. Choose the type of vehicle that you’ll be driving, from the drop down list. The vehicle you drive determines how much you may be charged for driving within the Clean Air Zone. Larger vehicles such as HGVs and buses are charged at a higher rater of £50 a day, while smaller vans and taxis are only charged at £10 a day. 
  4. Choose the type of fuel your vehicle uses from the dropdown list. 
  5. Choose the year in which your vehicle was manufactured. Petrol combustion vehicles manufactured before 2006 and diesel vehicles made after September 2016 generally don’t meet the minimum emissions standards for the CAZ and may be subject to the charge.
  6. Click submit
Once submitted, your total journey cost will be given as well as a breakdown of the costs (fuel and CAZ charge) in the fields below. 

Clean Air Zone charge

If your journey passes through Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone and your vehicle is subject to a fee, we will add the charge in full to your journey not including any discounts or exemptions that may be available. 

Sheffield has a class C CAZ zone which means that the zone is most likely to impact those that drive into the centre for commercial use not private. The charges are as follows: 

  • HGVs, Lorries, Buses and Coaches are charged £50
  • Taxis and LGVs/ vans are charged £10. NB. Hackney carriages that are licensed to Sheffield are automatically exempt from paying the fee until June 5 2023, while LGVs can apply for a temporary exemption up until this date. 
  • Large motorhomes and camper vans are charged £50 a day for entering the zone. However, motorhomes can apply for a reduced rate of £10 a day.  
Please Note: This calculator should be used as a guide only – to verify and pay your charge, please visit the Sheffield City Council website

Fuel Costs

The tool gives an estimate of how much your journey will cost for fuel, based on the following average fuel prices and efficiencies of electric, petrol and diesel vehicles.

Average Efficiency

  • Electric – 314 wh/mi
  • Petrol – 36 mpg
  • Diesel – 43 mpg
Average Prices
  • Electric – £0.34 kWh
  • Petrol – £7.36 per gallon
  • Diesel – £8.21 per gallon
In practice, the cost of fuel for your journey will depend on your specific vehicle and factors such as size will impact this. If you know the efficiency of your vehicle, head over to our EV Charging costs calculator here to get a more reliable figure.

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