Myenergi Zappi 2.1 EV Charger

EV Charger Installation Myenergi Zappi

The Myenergi Zappi was the world’s first smart solar EV charger. Still blazing a trail for eco-friendly EV charging, the Myenergi Zappi is one of the most popular chargers on the market. With three charging settings to choose from, you will have more control over your EV charger than ever before.

Switching to solar power future-proofs your EV charging solution and prepares you for a carbon-neutral future. With no wasted energy, you can be confident that your home and vehicle are as eco-friendly as possible. Talk to our expert Zappi installers for professional EV services and dedicated aftercare.

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Myenergi Zappi EV charger factsheet

7 kW Fast Charger

Charging speed: 7 kW Fast Charger

Connection types: Tethered and Socketed

Dimensions: 439mm (H) x 282mm (W) x 122mm (D)

Connection Types Available

£ 1099
  • Including VAT

Benefits of a Myenergi Zappi

Myenergi is renowned for creating renewable products for an eco-friendly future. The Myenergi Zappi is solar enabled, allowing you to charge your car for free using your solar panels. The Myenergi will use the surplus energy created by your renewable energy source to power your home. This is instead of diverting your extra energy back to the grid.

Even if you don’t have solar panels installed, the Myenergi Zappi is a fantastic choice for a home charger or business EV charging solution. With tethered or socketed charging options, there is sure to be a Myenergi unit for you. Talk to our expert EV charger electricians to ensure you are getting the best from your charger. Some of the additional benefits that come with professional Zappi installation include:

Solar EV charging ready

With the capability of charging your car using only renewable energy, you can make your electric vehicle even more eco-friendly. Using renewable energy to charge your EV will save money on your electricity bills and also increase your Return On Investment (ROI) for the purchase of your panels and electric car.

Easy installation

Some EV chargers require an earth rod to ensure the safety of the device. Installing these rods can create a mess and even disrupt buried utilities. However, this device has in-built earthing protection that eliminates the need for an earth rod. Also, the device is compatible with all-electric car makes and models. So you won’t have to worry about finding a specialised cable.

Multiple charging modes

There are three charging settings to choose from, eco, fast and eco+. Eco-mode allows you to split your charging between the grid and your renewable energy source. Eco+ adjusts the charging output in response to changes in power consumption elsewhere in the home. Fast mode enables the full capacity of the charger, perfect for getting back on the road quickly.

Smart charging with the Myenergi app

Myenergi produces a network of interconnected devices that can communicate with your EV charger. Myenregi connects all of your Myenergi products to your home network. Then, the Myenergi app allows you to control your devices from anywhere in the world.

With your smart charger connected to the app, you can take unprecedented control of your EV charger. You will be able to start or stop your charging from the palm of your hand. You can also monitor your charging status, energy output and electricity tariff in real-time. Using the Myenergi app can save you money by allowing you to set your charging times to when your energy tariff is lowest.

The Pro EV expert electricians can install and connect your Myenergi app for you. With a system installed by Pro EV, you can be sure that your charger is operating flawlessly, and saving you money.

EV Charger Installation Myenergi Zappi

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A solar EV charger powers your electric vehicle with the energy generated by your solar panels. Instead of sending the excess energy back to the grid, your solar EV charger will store any extra renewable energy and use it to charge your vehicle. This will reduce your carbon footprint while also significantly decreasing your electricity bills. Contact Pro EV today to discover how a solar EV charger could benefit you.

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