Find the best Kia Soul EV charger type for you

Finding the right Kia Soul EV charger type can be tricky. With so many chargers available, it’s hard to narrow them down to the perfect one. At Pro EV, our expert EV charger electricians can recommend the best EV chargers for you. We can then provide specialist EV charger installation for your Kia Soul EV.

With electrified power and a host of technological advancements, it is easy to see why the Kia Soul has become one of the most popular mass-market electric vehicles in the UK. Ensure that you always have access to your in-car infotainment by starting every journey with a fully charged battery. Contact Pro EV for expert home EV charger installation.

Soul EV

Kia Soul EV factsheet

£34, 995

Price From


Usable Battery


Real Range



Do you think it’s time to join the other Kia Soul EV drivers enjoying home charging?

All about the Kia Soul EV 64 kWh

  • ID 1288
  • Make Kia
  • Model Soul EV
  • Model Version 64 kWh
  • From UK £34995
  • From UK P11D £34940
  • Type BEV
  • Fuel E
  • Propulsion Front
  • Power 150
  • Power HP 201
  • Torque 395
  • Acceleration 7.9 secs
  • Topspeed 104 mph
  • WLTP 281
  • Real 225
  • Real Mode production
  • Real WHwy 160
  • Real WCmb 190
  • Real WCty 225
  • Real BHwy 205
  • Real BCmb 260
  • Real BCty 340
  • WLTP 253
  • Economy WLTP 4
  • Consumption WLTP 25.3
  • WLTP FuelEq 160
  • WLTP V 228
  • Economy WLTP V 4.4
  • Consumption WLTP V 22.8
  • WLTP FuelEq V 178
  • Real 284
  • Economy Real 3.5
  • Consumption Real 284
  • Real FuelEq V 142
  • Real WHwy 400
  • Real WCmb 337
  • Real WCty 284
  • Real BHwy 312
  • Real BCmb 246
  • Real BCty 188
  • Economy Real WHwy 2.5
  • Economy Real WCmb 3
  • Economy Real WCty 3.5
  • Economy Real BHwy 3.2
  • Economy Real BCmb 4.1
  • Economy Real BCty 5.3
  • Consumption Real WHwy 40
  • Consumption Real WCmb 33.7
  • Consumption Real WCty 28.4
  • Consumption Real BHwy 31.2
  • Consumption Real BCmb 24.6
  • Consumption Real BCty 18.8
  • Capacity Useable 64
  • Capacity Full 67.5
  • Capacity Estimate F
  • TMS Active Liquid
  • Chemistry NCM622
  • Manufacturer SKI
  • Voltage Nominal 360
  • Cells 98s3p
  • Weight 457
  • Warranty Period 7
  • Warranty Mileage 100000
  • Length 4195
  • Width 1800
  • Height 1605
  • Wheelbase 2600
  • Weight 1757
  • Weight GVWR 2180
  • Weight MaxPayload 498
  • Bootspace 315
  • Bootspace Max 1339
  • Tow Hitch 1
  • TowWeight Unbraked 300
  • TowWeight Braked 300
  • TowWeight VerticalLoad 100
  • RoofLoad Max 100
  • Body SUV
  • Segment Small Family Car
  • Seats 5
  • Roofrails 1
  • Isofix 1
  • Isofix Seats 2
  • TurningCircle 10.6
  • OEM Linkout URL
  • UK Year 2021-22
  • UK Rate 1
  • UK Amount 349
  • UK Net Low 6
  • UK Net Mid 12
  • UK Net High 13

Benefits of Kia Soul EV charger installation

Having an EV charger professionally installed in your home by Pro EV allows you to charge your Kia Soul during the night while you are sleeping. Charging overnight with a Kia Soul EV charger gives you access to your full 225 miles of emission-free driving every time you set off on a journey.


With a 7kW home charge point for your Kia Soul EV, you can charge your battery to full power three times faster than if you were using a standard domestic three-pin socket. You will also avoid using public charging points that can be inconvenient to reach. Public chargers also offer an inconsistent rate of charging around the country.


It will be far easier for you to stick to your weekly charging schedule if your charging port is mounted to an outside wall or inside your garage. If your home meets the installation requirements, a Kia Soul EV charger will allow you to charge your car whenever it is convenient for you.


Like the other electric vehicles in the Kia EV range, our expert installation team can link your car to the Kia Connect app. Kia Connect allows you to manage and monitor your Kia Soul EV from anywhere in the world. This includes your charging schedule, charging speed and much more information about the vehicle.

Need help finding the best Kia Soul EV Charger type for you? Pro EV is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Charging an EV at home is far cheaper than filling a conventional vehicle with petrol or diesel. On average, you will pay 21p per kilowatt of electricity. This means you can fully charge your Kia Soul EV to its maximum range of 225 miles for less than £11.


With the rising price of petrol and diesel, home EV charger installation can save you more money than ever. Over time, the savings can offer a return on investment for your EV charger. For expert Kia Soul EV charger installation, contact Pro EV today.

At Pro EV, we recommend installing a 7kWh home charger for your Kia Soul EV. This type of charger will future-proof your EV charging solution and offer you the perfect balance of charging speed and price.


The wide variety of home EV chargers available can make it difficult to find the right model for your Kia Soul. Talk to a professional team like Pro EV to install the ideal Kia Soul EV charger type for your home.

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