Best Electric Family Cars Available in 2023

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Are you ready to electrify the school run? Here is a roundup of electric cars to suit your family’s needs.


Each household is different, but most will be after an EV that is fast to charge and cheap to run with plenty of space for the kids. This guide will help to steer you in the right direction when looking for reliable, economical, and spacious electric vehicles.

The Best Electric Cars for Families


The MG ZS is the ideal electric car for family buyers looking to take short trips for everyday tasks; whether that’s the school run, or a trip to the local park, the ZS has you covered with its’ 470-litre boot and durable inside feel.

This EV offers incredibly light steering, ensuring a smooth ride, even when faced with those pesky speed bumps and potholes for just 9p/per mile. Cost wise, filling up is a cheap deal with the price averaging at £16.66 for a full battery. Economically the ZS stands out as being quick to charge (7 hours) but has a max range of around 176 miles, the lowest out of our lineup. 


With a no-nonsense approach to electric motoring, this EV doesn’t break the bank, coming in at an affordable £30,495. There’s also a brilliant seven-year warranty!

MG ZS at a glance

Efficiency in Wh/mi: 278 

Electricity Tariff Rate: 0.34

Battery Size: 49kWh

Cost per mile: £0.09

Cost to fill the battery in full: £16.66

Using 7kW Fast Charger: 7:0:0

Using 22kW Fast Charger: 2:13:38

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Always on the go? Look no further than the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It’s more spacious than you might anticipate, with a roomy 527 litre boot. Whether you have a pram, suitcases, or a beloved family dog (the unique sloped design helps the dog cage fit within the boot of your car), this electric vehicle has preempted your everyday needs. 

Affordable to run at just 9p/per mile* the Hyundai Ioniq is a great middle of the road EV that can suit all your family needs. This car is adaptable, with the option of two battery sizes to opt for; but really the smaller 55kWh with a range of around 206 miles, is more than enough for a family looking to hit the open road in style and comfort. 


This electric car is practical, cheap to run and charges quickly. The downside would be that it’s a little pricey, starting at £42,665.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 at a glance

Efficiency in Wh/mi: 262 

Electricity Tariff Rate: 0.34

Battery Size: 54kWh

Cost per mile: £0.09

Cost to fill the battery in full: £18.36

Using 7kW Fast Charger: 7:42:51 

Using 22kW Fast Charger: 2:27:16

Audi Q4 Etron

An electric family car never looked so swanky! You don’t instinctively think of an Audi as ‘family friendly’ but the Audi Q4 has the best of both worlds with sporting agility and long-legged cruising.

This EV is both perfect for drives with the family and maintaining that professionalism when you pull up to work. 


Coming in on the higher end of the price range, this EV is priced at £49,930. However, it’s cheap to fully charge at £17.68 (9p/per mile) and quick to do so in just under 7hrs 30secs. The Audi Q4 has a max range of around 189 miles which is on the lower side of our listed cars but it’s a contender for a compact yet spacious and sophisticated family EV.  

Audi Q4 Etron at a glance

Efficiency in Wh/mi: 274 

Electricity Tariff Rate: 0.34

Battery Size: 52 kWh

Cost per mile: £0.09

Cost to fill the battery in full: £17.68

Using 7kW Fast Charger: 7:25:42 

Using 22kW Fast Charger: 2:21:49

Want to install a home charger? 

Kia Niro

With a family friendly interior and a savvy infotainment setup, what’s not to love! You can be handsfree on a work call and navigate your way to the local leisure centre for your child’s first swimming lesson. This EV isn’t as spacious as other cars, but it’s worth noting it does have the biggest boot of Niro models.

One of the best-selling points is that the Kia Niro has highly efficient powertrains, meaning the vehicle’s power consumption per distance can be kept as low as possible, thus allowing the vehicle to increase its driving mileage.Therefore, the Kia Niro has the best max range out of all the cars listed, coming in at 245 miles and is also economical at 9p/per mile. It of course takes longer to charge the Kia Niro but the difference between 7-9 hours doesn’t really matter when you plug in overnight. 


At a reasonable price of £36,795, the Kia Niro is an efficient electric car, not to be overlooked. 

Kia Niro at a glance

Efficiency in Wh/mi: 264 

Electricity Tariff Rate: 0.34

Battery Size: 64.8 kWh

Cost per mile: £0.09

Cost to fill the battery in full: £22.03

Using 7kW Fast Charger:  9:15:25

Using 22kW Fast Charger: 2:56:43

Volkswagen ID.3

If miles are your thing and long family trips up and down the country happen often, then look no further than the Volkswagen ID.3. Advantages include a modular battery pack so you can pick the combination of range and performance to suit your needs.


This EV offers an easy transition from mid-level petrol or diesel cars with its ability to do 233 miles fully charged or if you opt for the 77kWh, 310 miles.


Another reason to take a long family vacation, the boot is five litres bigger than that of the contemporary Golf. Lots of space for camping chairs and sleeping bags!


This car also has the lowest cost per mile (8p/per mile) out of our listed EV’s and has a reasonable charge time of 8hrs 17mins. The price comes in at £37,115 (do note if you opt for the 77kWh this will be £42,870) and is £19.72 to fill the battery

Volkswagen ID.3 at a glance

Efficiency in Wh/mi: 248 

Electricity Tariff Rate: 0.34

Battery Size: 58 kWh

Cost per mile: £0.08

Cost to fill the battery in full: £19.72

Using 7kW Fast Charger: 8:17:8 

Using 22kW Fast Charger: 2:38:10

No matter your family’s requirements, each car above offers a mixture of affordability, mileage range and space to make driving a laid back family affair. If you’re still looking for more information why not check out our useful Electric Car Charging Calculator and compare more brands. 


*All charging prices are based on the current Price Cap of 34p per kilowatt hour. However, there are a number of special EV tariffs available right now, which offer overnight rates as low as 7.5p per kWh. For more information, read our guide on the best EV tariffs available and play around with our charging calculator to see how much it would cost to charge based on your new tariff. 

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