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Frequently asked questions answered by EV charger experts

If you have questions about EV chargers and their installation, the Pro EV specialists are here to help.

EV charging ports might seem complicated, but they are actually incredibly user-friendly pieces of technology.

To help you understand more about EV chargers, the Pro EV installation experts have answered some of the most frequently asked questions:

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How do I find EV charger installation near me?


We have a nationwide team of EV charging point installation specialists. Our team can use their knowledge to find the best EV charging solution for you.

Wherever you are in the country, a Pro EV engineer can be on your premises quickly and install your charger infrastructure with no delays. Buying and installing electric vehicle charge points is easier than ever with the help of Pro EV.

Are electric cars cheaper to run?


Electric cars are significantly cheaper to run. You do not need to pay expensive petrol or diesel prices. And, as it has far fewer moving parts than a conventional car, you are far less likely to require maintenance.

On average, you will pay just £4 for 100 miles of EV driving. With no oil to change, cheap charging and the convenience of powering up at home, an EV charger is a perfect addition to any electric vehicle. Browse our range of EV chargers to find the perfect charging solution for you.

What is an EV fast charger?


An EV fast charger directly charges a vehicle’s battery. This leads to faster charging times and a more efficient energy transfer. EV fast chargers supply a current of 7kW or above, and can usually charge a medium-sized electric car in 4 hours or fewer. As a result, they are ideal for charging your vehicle at home or charging business fleet vehicles. Talk to your local Pro EV expert for specialist EV charger installation advice.

What is a smart EV charger?


An EV smart charger intelligently manages your electric car charging. Your charger communicates with your vehicle and relays analysis back to your smartphone. With a smart EV charger, you can see exactly how much energy you are using, as well as how much it is costing. Additionally, you can start or stop your charging from the palm of your hand. At Pro EV, our range of EV chargers includes a variety of smart charge points. Contact us for a quote today.

How do you install an EV charger at home?


To install a home EV charging station, contact a professional installation service like Pro EV. Without the expertise of a professional, you risk incorrectly installing your charger. Any problems with your EV home charger installation could lead to inefficient charging and costly maintenance. For professional electric vehicle charging solutions in your area, contact Pro EV.

What is the best home EV charger UK?


The best home EV charger available in the UK depends on your specific needs. Each make and model of electric vehicle has a different battery size and capacity. As a result, some electric cars need more powerful charging ports than others.

The wide range of EV chargers offered by Pro EV ensures you are getting the perfect charger for you. Our expert EV charger electricians can perform a mobile site survey and find the right home charging solution for you with no delays or hassle.

What EV charger grants are available?


The Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) regularly awards EV charger grants for home and business EV charging port installation. There are currently no EV charger grants available, but be sure to check the Pro EV website for regular updates.

An approved installer like Pro EV can take care of grant applications for you. This saves you the hassle of filling out the paperwork and ensures that your EV charger is as cost-effective as possible. Contact the expert Pro EV team for up to date grant information.

How do you check your engineers?


At Pro EV, all our EV charger engineers have the relevant qualifications and are approved. They have relevant insurance policies in place, including a minimum of £5m public liability. We also check a sample of engineers’ jobs to ensure they are meeting the high Pro EV standards.

What happens if something goes wrong?


Any problems, feel free to contact us. Your local EV charging expert will be with you to resolve the problem quickly. All jobs performed by Pro EV are covered by a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour. Just contact your local installer and they will arrange a revisit if needed.