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Ohme ePod

Prices starting from:

£899 (Including VAT)

Pro Ev

3 Year warranty

Pro Ev

Installation Included

Pro Ev

No earth rods

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Pro Ev
Connection Type:


Pro Ev
Charging Speed:

7 kW Fast Charger

Pro Ev

H230mm x W140mm x D100mm


  • Cost tracking
  • Eco friendly
  • Mobile data connection
  • Charge scheduling
  • No earth rods
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Charger Description

With smart tech and state of the art features, the Ohme ePod is an expertly designed home electric vehicle charger. The newest EV charger to be released by Ohme, the ePod is compatible with all plug-in electric cars and comes with a host of premium features that allow you to track costs, set caps, and charge only at the cheapest and greenest times. 

With our expert EV charger electricians, you can have your Ohme ePod installed quickly and safely wherever you are in the UK. You will receive dedicated aftercare and maintenance to ensure your charger continues to operate smoothly.

Benefits of owning an Ohme ePod

With its mobile app and cost tracking, the Ohme ePod is one of the most user-friendly EV chargers on the market. It’s also an environmentally friendly model, as you can set your charging to only take place when there is renewable energy available from the grid. 

The Ohme ePod does not rely on a WiFi signal, and instead connects to a 3G/4G mobile network via a built-in SIM card. This makes it reliable; you can consistently communicate with the unit even while you’re on the go. 

Having your Ohme ePod professionally installed will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits that the unit has to offer. Other advantages of the model include:

Dynamic load balancing

The Ohme ePod model has built-in dynamic load balancing that actively monitors the electrical demands of your home. It then automatically adjusts its charging output to protect your fuses and prevent power surges.

Built-in earthing protection

With open PEN protection included at no additional cost, the Ohme ePod does not require earth rods. This makes for a hassle-free installation and removes the risk of hitting buried services.

The difference between the Ohme Home Pro and the Ohme ePod?

The Ohme Home Pro is a tethered model, meaning it has a cable built into the unit that you unwind and plug into your EV. The new Ohme ePod is a socketed model designed to be used with a detachable cable that has a plug on each end. 

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Still have a question about the Ohme ePod?

Does the Ohme ePod need an earthing rod?


The Ohme ePod does not need an earthing rod. It has in-built open PEN protection included as a safety feature. This makes installation neater and removes the risk of hitting buried services.

Is the Ohme ePod charger weatherproof?


Yes, the Ohme ePod charger is weatherproof. It is rated at IP54 for water ingress, so you can be confident that it will withstand any adverse weather conditions while mounted on an outdoor wall.

Our expert electricians will ensure that your EV charger is fully weather resistant, giving you an extra peace of mind.

What network does Ohme ePod use?


The Ohme ePod uses a 3G/4G mobile network for connectivity. This means it does not rely on WiFi, and it does not matter if your home signal does not reach the outdoor unit. You will always be able to connect to the charger thanks to the 3G/4G provided by its in-built SIM card.