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Porsche EV Charger Installation Services

Porsche charger installation from Pro EV ensures that your Porsche EV is powering up quickly and efficiently. A home EV charger allows you to keep your vehicle charged up with absolute ease and convenience.

Benefits of a home or business Porsche electric charger

Home and business EV charger installation for Porsche electric vehicles offers you convenient charging whenever you park your car. It eliminates the need to plan your journey around the availability of public EV charging points. A home Porsche charger can also save you money as public charging stations often come with a fee attached.

Porsche has a range of stylish and powerful electric vehicles that come with large batteries. To keep them at full power, you will need a dedicated EV charging solution in your home. With a Porsche electric charger on your property, you can begin every day with the maximum range in your Porsche electric vehicle.

Leaving your Porsche plugged in during the night is the most effective way to charge your car. However, leaving your car at a public charging station overnight is inconvenient and poses many security risks. To avoid these issues, you need professional home EV charger installation from Pro EV.

Porsche EV and PHEV driving range

The only way to get the maximum driving range from your Porsche EV or PHEV is by installing a dedicated Porsche charger in your home. With installation by our expert EV charger electricians, your Porsche charger can fully charge your all-electric Porsche Taycan overnight. 

Then, you can wake up and start your day with a full 313-mile range of completely emission-free driving. This four-door sports saloon also has a rapid 0 to 62 speed of just 5.4 seconds, demonstrating the power of its electric motor and 800-volt lithium-ion battery. To keep your battery fully charged with total ease, you need home EV charger installation from Pro EV.

The two cars in the Porsche PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) range also feature a powerful lithium-ion battery. This battery works alongside a conventional combustion engine. However, is capable of powering the vehicle by itself over short distances. With a smaller battery capacity, a PHEV can offer you incredibly fast charging and make your driving kinder to the environment.

The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid SUV and Panamera E-Hybrid offer the patented Porsche driving dynamics alongside an electric-only range of between 24 and 35 miles. To make the most of your electric-only PHEV driving range, you need professional EV charger installation from Pro EV.

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