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EV Charger Installation Andersen A2

With installation by Pro EV, your Andersen A2 will be ready to use in no time at all. One of the most stylish EV chargers on the market, the Andersen A2 has its 5.5m tethered cable hidden in a compartment at the back. It also comes in a variety of colours and finishes to ensure it enhances the look of your property.

An intuitive app controls Andersen chargers and allows you to schedule your charging, monitor your progress and track your energy costs. The expert EV charger electricians at Pro EV can help you connect your app to your charger. With flawless engineering and total control over your power, Andersen A2 installation by Pro EV is ideal for both home and business needs.

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The Andersen A2 is currently out of stock, please see other chargers below

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Benefits of an Andersen A2

The benefits of an Andersen A2 car charger are numerous. This smart charger is one of the best looking on the market. With additional safety and durability options, you can be confident that your Andersen A2 is built to last. A dedicated smartphone app also allows you to control Andersen car chargers from anywhere in the world.


If you want to be certain that you are getting the best out of your Andersen A2 EV charger, always trust a professional with the installation. At Pro EV, we can put you in touch with an expert EV charging port engineer near you. Some of the other benefits a Pro EV specialist can help you access include:

Unique design options

This EV charger is one of the most stylish available on the market. Various design options allow you to customise the appearance of your device. Each Andersen A2 is sprayed by hand and there are 8 different colour choices. With additional options for sleek metal or sustainably sourced wood finishes, you can make your charger entirely your own.

Tidy and safe

You can safely store the high performance charging cable out of sight within the housing of the unit. This makes the Andersen A2 safer for children and pets who might stumble upon an exposed cable. Built-in open PEN protection also means that there is no need to install an earth rod for the Andersen A2. Making the installation neater and eliminating the risk of hitting any buried utilities.

Extreme weatherproofing

The Andersen A2 is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. The robust casing is designed to protect your device from cold, rain and heat. Its cold weather resistance is particularly impressive. The Andersen A2 can withstand frosty conditions up to minus 20°C. Whatever the weather throws at you, the Andersen A2 will keep your electric vehicle charging.

Smart charging with the Andersen Konnect+ app

The Andersen Konnect smart app communicates with your charging port and allows you to monitor and control your charging schedule. With the app, you can use your smartphone to track your usage from afar. It also allows you to lock or unlock your charging port remotely, keeping it secure at all times.

With unlimited control of your charging station, you can save money on your electricity bills. You can use the app to schedule charging during off-peak times when your utility tariff is cheaper. Tracking all of your recent charges and energy usage allows you to customise your charging schedule to suit your needs and budget.

Andersen regularly updates their software, adding new features and fixing any bugs. To ensure that your charger and app are working as they should, contact Pro EV for professional installation and maintenance. Your local Pro EV engineer will set up your app for you, then troubleshoot any technical issues that might arise.

EV Charger Installation Andersen A2

Ready to take control of your EV charging with an Andersen A2?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get two cable lengths for the Andersen A2 EV charging point. The 7kW version of the charger comes with a 5-meter charger as standard. However, you can get a longer 7-meter cable if you purchase a 22kW version of the charger.

However, this option is more expensive and most people will not be able to make the most out of the 22kW version. Contact Pro EV for a detailed analysis of your EV charging needs. With professional advice, you will find the perfect electric car charging solution for your needs.

Yes, the Andersen A2 EV charger is weatherproof. The high-quality casing is rated IP65 for water ingress, making it more than able to withstand UK weather conditions. The Andersen A2 can also withstand frosty conditions up to minus 20°C.


When your Andersen A2 charger has been installed by a professional, you can be confident that your device is protected from all weather conditions. Talk to your local Pro EV engineer and request a quote today.

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