Audi EV Charger Installation Services

Expert Audi charger installation for electric cars

Audi charger installation from Pro EV ensures that your Audi EV is powering up quickly and efficiently. A home EV charger allows you to keep your vehicle charged up with absolute ease and convenience.


It also eliminates the need for regular trips to public charging stations. This allows you to keep your Audi electric car at your home, where you can make sure that it is safe. At Pro EV, we are experts in EV charger installation for every electric Audi. This includes the incredibly popular Audi e-tron range.


Working with the biggest brands in the industry, such as Andersen, Easee One, EO, Hypervolt, Myenergi, Ohme, Rolec and Wallbox, we ensure that you have the very best EV charging solution possible.

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Audi Electric Vehicles

Audi has a range of all-electric and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) that combine the famous Audi driving experience with the power of electricity. The best way to make the most out of your Audi EV is to have a home or business EV charger installed by a professional team like Pro EV.


With a professionally installed Audi home charger, you can future-proof your driving and enjoy a whole new world of EV convenience. Whether it’s an all-electric hatchback or a PHEV crossover SUV, our specialist team will be able to find the perfect EV charger for you.


The e-tron collection is Audi’s main range of all-electric vehicles. Charging the battery at home is the best way to make the most out of your emission-free driving. With a maximum range of over 250 miles, you will want to ensure that your Audi e-tron SUV is fully charged before you start your journey. With full range, you can travel long distances without stopping to top up your battery.


The e-tron range has several other incredible vehicles that will all benefit from home charging. The RS e-tron GT and e-tron GT Quattro bring the thrill of Gran Turismo driving to the EV world.


Alongside them, the Audi e-tron S and Q4 e-tron offer sporty looks and SUV power. Whichever e-tron vehicle you own, talk to the expert Pro EV team today to find the perfect Audi car charger for you.

Audi PHEV charger installation

Audi also has a fantastic variety of PHEVs. With PHEV home charging, you can keep your fuel bill low and further eliminate your reliance on petrol or diesel power.


With a fully charged battery, the Audi A3 Sportback e is a compact car that offers a range of 40 miles on battery power alone. By installing a home Audi charger, you can get around town without ever needing combustion power.


The Audi A6 e, Audi A7 e and Audi A8 e offer you sporty, saloon-style driving with a powerful electric battery. These PHEVs offer between 37 and 43 miles of pure electric driving, depending on the model.


There are also a variety of PHEV SUVs available, including the Audi Q3 e, Audi Q5 e, Audi Q7 e and Audi Q8 e. The only way to get the very best range from your Audi PHEV is by installing an Audi EV charger in your home.


At Pro Ev, our expert team has many years of experience installing flawless home charging solutions for Audi vehicles. Contact us today to find an EV charging specialist in your area. With professional installation, your Audi electric vehicle charging will be more convenient than ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often you need to charge your Audi electric vehicle depends on your daily driving mileage. If you only use your car for short journeys, a fully charged battery will last for several days.


However, if you regularly drive long distances, daily charging will be an important part of your routine. If you don’t set off with a fully charged battery, you will have to plan your route around the availability of public charging stations.


The easiest way to ensure that your Audi EV is always fully charged is to install an EV charging port in your home. For professional Audi charger installation services, contact the expert Pro EV team today.

The charging speed of your Audi electric vehicle will depend on the model and the method of charging being used. The fastest and most convenient way of charging your Audi EV is with a home charging port. With a professionally installed Audi EV charger, you can fully charge most Audi e-tron models in under an hour.


You can charge your Audi electric car using a standard three-pin home socket. This is the slowest method of charging and is not recommended. Public charging stations can also be an unreliable option, as they often have slower charging speeds than home chargers. For professional Audi charger installation, contact the specialist Pro EV team today.

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