BMW EV Charger Installation Services

BMW EV charger point installation from Pro EV

With BMW charger installation services from Pro EV, you ensure that you are getting the very best charging solution for your electric vehicle. Our specialist EV charger electricians can recommend hardware from some of the biggest EV charger bands in the world. This includes the Andersen A2, Easee One, EO Mini Pro, Hypervolt Home, Myenergi Zappi, Ohme Home Pro, Rolec Wallpad and Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

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Benefits of BMW EV charger installation

If you drive a BMW electric vehicle, EV charger installation by Pro EV will offer you several benefits. With home or business charging point installation, you can enjoy fast, safe and convenient EV charging.

If your home meets the installation requirements, a BMW charger can make your EV driving easier. Charging overnight allows you to wake up to a fully powered vehicle every morning. This will help you get more from your EV range and eliminate the need to plan your journeys around the availability of public charging ports.

If you drive an electric-powered BMW i4 or BMW i3, you should talk to the specialist Pro EV team about expert charger installation. Professional home EV charger installation is much faster and more efficient than using a standard household socket. With a household three-pin plug, your charging speeds will be incredibly slow.

A home charger will be even more essential if you drive an electric BMW SUV. With a larger and more powerful battery, the BMW iX, BMW iX3 and BMW iX M60 benefit massively from the faster charging speeds of a home BMW battery charger. Make an enquiry today to discover how Pro EV can upgrade your BMW charging solution.

BMW charger installation for PHEVs

BMW also offer a fantastic range of PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles). At Pro EV we offer expert PHEV charger installation services that can help you get more out of your battery range.


A PHEV is powered by both an electric motor and a combustion engine. Driving a PHEV will help you to spend less on fuel. It will also lower the environmental impact of your driving. You can drive a PHEV on electric power alone over a short distance. As a result, a home PHEV charger will help you to make the most of your electric range.


The BMW X1 xDRIVE25e, X2 xDRIVE25e and X3 xDRIVE30e offer around 30 miles of purely electric-powered driving. This makes them ideal for getting around town. For even more range, the BMW X5 xDrive45e PHEV has an impressive 54 miles of pure-electric driving.


There is also an excellent range of BMW saloon and tourer PHEVs. This includes PHEV versions of the BMW 2 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series. These fantastic vehicles have a range of between 31 and 37 miles. To get the best out of your BMW PHEV, contact Pro EV about expert home or business EV charger installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To charge your BMW electric vehicle or PHEV (Plug-in Electric Hybrid), you simply need to
plug it into a dedicated EV charger. You could charge your vehicle using a domestic
three-pin socket, but this will be far slower than any other form of charging.


You could also use a public charging station, but this can be inconvenient. To get the fastest and most convenient charging, contact Pro EV about home BMW battery charger installation today.

Yes, all types of BMW electric cars can use the same charger. Whether it’s an all-electric vehicle or a PHEV (Plug-in Electric Hybrid), you can enjoy the convenience of using the same charging port.


This is especially useful if you own more than one BMW electric vehicle. To get the best charging speeds for your BMW EV or PHEV, you need a home BMW battery charger. Contact Pro EV today for expert installation.

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