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Expert Kia EV charger installation by Pro EV

Professional Kia EV charger installation from Pro EV makes electric vehicle ownership convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Our expert EV charger electricians are well versed in the installation of the very best EV charging solutions for Kia cars. With Pro EV, your home charging point installation will be stress-free and fast.

Whether you drive an all-electric Kia or a Kia PHEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicle), home or business EV charger installation makes your driving even more economical. You will be able to charge your car at your convenience and will never have to go out of your way to find a public charging station again.

Want to get more out of your electric vehicle driving with Kia EV charger installation?

The benefits of Kia EV charger installation

Having a Kia EV charger allows you to get more out of your electric vehicle. A professionally installed EV charger will offer you the fastest charging speeds. This will make it easier to enjoy the maximum range from your Kia electric vehicle on every journey.

To talk to an expert EV charging engineer near you, contact Pro EV today. Our professional team will find the best EV charger for your Kia electric vehicle. We then offer expert EV and PHEV charger installation that will ensure your charging solution works perfectly and looks good.

To make your charging solution even more environmentally friendly, we offer a range of solar EV chargers that are compatible with Kia vehicles. No matter which Kia electric car you drive, at Pro EV we can find the perfect EV charger for you. Our expert installation team can also increase the convenience of your EV charging by connecting your smartphone to the Kia Connect app. This handy application will communicate with your vehicle and allow you to monitor the battery from anywhere in the world.

With the Kia Connect app, you can track your charging status and view the remaining charging time. You can also schedule your charging based on when you are leaving, or when your electricity tariff is cheaper.

A Kia EV charger installed by Pro EV offers you the ultimate electric vehicle convenience and can help you save more money. Get in touch with our specialist team today for expert EV charger services.

Discover the Kia electric vehicle range

There are three vehicles in the Kia EV range. At Pro EV, we can recommend the best charging solutions for all of them. This includes chargers from the biggest brands like Andersen, Easee One, EO, Hypervolt, Myenergi, Ohme, Rolec and Wallbox.

The Kia e-Niro and Kia Soul EV are popular for their easy charging and long range, zero-emission driving. With the e-Niro, you can travel up to 282 miles with a fully charged battery. The Soul EV is similarly impressive with a 280-mile range.

The only way to enjoy this range on every journey is by installing a Kia EV charging point in your home. With home charging, you can safely power your e-Niro or Soul EV overnight. This allows you to wake up every day to the maximum driving range.

The Kia EV6 offers the longest driving range in the Kia electric vehicle collection. Its large battery has a capacity of 77.4 kWh. This amount of power offers you a range of up to 328 miles and a 0 to 60 mph speed of just 7.3 seconds.

To make sure you are getting the very best out of your Kia EV6, get in touch with the expert Pro EV team today. Whichever Kia electric vehicle you own, your local Pro EV engineer will be able to find and install the perfect Kia EV charger for your home or business.

Ready to get more out of your Kia with professional EV charger installation?

Frequently Asked Questions

Charging a Kia electric car at home is far cheaper than fueling up on petrol or diesel. Typically, you can expect to pay just 21p per kilowatt of energy. As a result, you could fully charge your Kia EV6 to a maximum range of 328 miles for just over £16.


With a professionally installed Kia EV charger, you can save even more money. You can set your EV charger to only access the grid when your energy tariff is low using the Kia Connect app. For the best home EV charger installation services, contact Pro EV today.

Charging your Kia EV overnight is the best way to enjoy a full range every day. The exact time that your Kia electric vehicle takes to charge will depend on several factors. These include the size of your car’s battery, the speed that it is capable of charging at and the ability of your charging port.


The only way to ensure you are getting the fastest charging speeds is by having an EV charging point professionally installed in your home. Contact Pro EV today for expert EV charger solutions.

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