Lexus EV Charger Installation Services

Professional home Lexus charger

Professional Lexus charger installation by our expert EV charger electricians can help you unlock a new level of luxury. Combining the comfort of a Lexus with the power of electricity is a match made in heaven.

But, without a home EV charger, that luxury can be interrupted by regular trips to public charging stations. For the convenience of charging your Lexus at home, contact Pro EV for professional Lexus charger installation.

Ready for ultimate EV driving luxury? Talk to an expert about home Lexus charger installation

Benefits of Lexus charger installation

Lexus has combined its renowned design and comfort with the future-proofed power of electricity. Driving in style behind the wheel of a new Lexus EV feels even more luxurious when the engine is silent.


With a Lexus EV, you can help the environment with lower carbon emissions, while also helping yourself with lower fuel bills and servicing costs. However, without a professionally installed EV charger, you will have to spend money at public charging stations.


The first fully-electric Lexus vehicle is the UX 300e. Exciting to look at and to drive, the Lexus UX 300e offers a long driving range and a host of in-car entertainment options. Lexus states that the UX 300e has an electric range of up to 196 miles. This will give you the power to travel long distances without having to stop to recharge.


To get the best range out of your Lexus UX 300e, talk to the expert Pro EV team about home EV charger installation. With a Lexus charger installed in your home, you can set off every day with maximum range.

Lexus PHEV charging solutions

Lexus has now added the Lexus NX plug-in hybrid to its collection. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) use a combination of electric and petrol power to offer you a greater driving range.


The Lexus NX can charge its battery through regenerative braking or by plugging into a PHEV charging port. To achieve the very best charging speeds, talk to the expert Pro EV team today. A home Lexus charger can save you money on your fuel bills and enhance your range even further.


Home or business EV charger installation can ensure that you are getting the best range from your NX every time you set off on a journey. With a professionally installed Lexus charger, you can fully charge your UX 300e in just over 8 hours.

Home Lexus charger installation can make owning a Lexus EV cheaper and easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to get the best charging solution for your Lexus EV charging, talk to an expert team like Pro EV. We can offer professional recommendations and specialist EV charging port installation.


Although you can use a standard 3-pin plug to charge your car, a home charging port is much faster. It will also eliminate the need for inconvenient journeys to your local public charging port. Contact us today for an EV charger installation quote.

A Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle (PHEV) like the Lexus NX combines the best parts of electric and petrol vehicles. They are powered by both a battery and a conventional internal combustion engine. When the electric battery is running low, the engine will charge it up.


With a professionally installed home charging port for your PHEV, you can save money on your fuel bill by travelling further on electricity alone. By lowering your reliance on fossil fuels, you will also significantly lessen your CO2 emissions. For expert Lexus charger installation, contact the Pro EV team today.

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