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If you drive an MG electric vehicle, trust a professional team like Pro EV with home MG car charger installation. 80 per cent of all EV car charging in the UK is now done at home. When you consider the convenience and low cost, it is very easy to see why.

Whether it’s an all-electric MG, or an MG PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), our fully qualified EV charger electricians can install the perfect MG home charger for you. At Pro EV, we have a nationwide network of EV charger installation experts. They can be with you to provide home EV charger services with no delay, no hassle and no mess.

Ready to join the MG electric vehicle drivers already enjoying the convenience of home charging?

Benefits of professional MG charger installation

MG has three vehicles in their EV range. At Pro EV we have the skills and expertise to find and install the perfect charger for every model. After an expert site survey, we will be able to install a home or business EV charging solution that is effective and aesthetically pleasing.


With a professionally installed MG EV charger, charging your vehicle will be as easy as charging a phone or a laptop. The MG EV range features two fully electric vehicles that allow you to enjoy the trademark MG style, with the added benefit of zero-emission driving.


MG also offers the PHEV MG HS. Home PHEV charger installation allows you to drive further on electric power alone. This will help you use less petrol and will make your driving more environmentally friendly.

Electric MG vehicle range

The PHEV MG HS allows you to enjoy zero-emission all-electric driving for 32 miles. It then has a powerful combustion engine to fuel the rest of your journey. The MG all-eclectic range features the MG5 EV Long Range and the MG ZS EV. Both electric vehicles offer an incredible range and a charging speed of 0 to 80 per cent in around an hour. The MG5 EV then offers a range of 250 miles when fully charged.


The MG ZS goes even further with a fantastic driving range of 273 miles. To get the best range out of your vehicle on every journey, contact the expert Pro EV engineers about professional MG car charger installation.

Want to get the best driving range from your MG on every journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

How often you need to charge your MG electric vehicle will depend on the size of your battery and how far you drive every day. With a professionally installed MG charger, you will have to charge your car less regularly than you would when using public charging ports.


You probably wouldn’t want to leave your can unattended at a public EV charging port overnight. Having a charging port installed in your home allows you to safely charge your car while you sleep. Contact Pro EV today to benefit from expert MG home charger installation.

Each model of MG electric vehicle comes with a different charging speed. The speed will also be impacted by the charging method. A household three-pin plug will charge your MG electric vehicle very slowly.


The only way to ensure that you are getting the fastest EV charging speeds is by having an MG charging port installed in your home. Professional installation from an expert team like Pro EV can get you the fastest EV charging speeds. The convenience of home charging also makes it easier to keep your car at full power.


With a professionally installed MG EV charger, you can charge the all-electric MG5 EV and MG ZS EV from 0 to 80 per cent in around an hour. To achieve the best charging speeds, contact Pro EV today for expert installation services.

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