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Expert Nissan home charger installation from Pro EV

A Nissan home charger installed by our EV charger electricians can help you maximise your driving range. Businesses can also benefit from installation by an expert team like Pro EV. A Nissan EV makes your driving more environmentally friendly and saves you money on your fuel bills.

Upgrading to home or business charging future-proofs your electric car and prepares you for carbon-neutral driving. Talk to our Nissan home charger installation experts for professional EV services and dedicated aftercare.

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Professional Nissan EV charging solutions

Nissan has an electric vehicle for every type of driver. They have committed to investing in environmentally-friendly measures by releasing a range of fully electric vehicles. Capable of driving with zero emissions, the Nissan EV range is here to steer your driving into the future.

If you want to get the best out of your Nissan electric vehicle, you need a professionally installed EV charging port. Nissan home charger installation allows you to fully power your vehicle every day. This will eliminate the need for stopping at public charging stations.

It will also ensure that you always have enough battery to get where you need to be. With a powerful electric battery that can produce 146 horsepower, the Nissan LEAF is a popular small car that will make your commute feel like a breeze. When compared to a petrol equivalent, the LEAF is incredibly cost-effective, at around 3.7p per mile. To enjoy these savings, contact Pro EV for professional Nissan EV charger installation. With a Nissan charger in your home, you will never have to pay for public charging stations again.

Nissan van and SUV EV chargers

Ideal for families or drivers with a sense of adventure, the Nissan ARIYA crossover SUV is an electrified option that can conquer any terrain. With an incredible range of 310 miles, the Nissan ARIYA proves that electric power is more than capable of leading the way in the SUV category.


Being able to charge your ARIYA at home makes maximising your range easier than ever. Rapid charging also offers the convenience of powering up to 186 miles in just 30 minutes. Powered by the same impressive battery as the Nissan Leaf, Nissan’s e-NV200 is the perfect way to electrify your business. As a result, businesses can also benefit from professional Nissan EV charger installation.


Bringing all-electric power to your workforce is a great way to future-proof your business. With professional EV charger installation from the Pro EV team, you can charge your fleet of vans on-site. It will also lower your fuel bill significantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can charge the Nissan LEAF for around 3.7p per mile. These figures are provided by Nissan and may be subject to change depending on weather conditions and driving style. With an estimated range of up to 226 miles, you can fully charge the Nissan LEAF for as little as £8.36.


However, if you do not have a Nissan EV charging port installed in your home, you will have to pay extra to access public charging points. Contact Pro EV today for expert installation of your home EV charging point.

Yes, you can use a standard 3-pin plug to charge your Nissan EV. Charging with a domestic plug socket is far slower than using a dedicated EV charging port. It will also involve running lengths of hazardous cable leading to your car from inside your home.


To get the best charging speeds for your electric Nissan vehicle, contact a professional team like Pro EV. With fast, convenient charging, you can spend less time powering up, and more time enjoying your EV driving.

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