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Smart car battery charger installation by Pro EV

By trusting the expert Pro EV team with your Smart car battery charger installation, you benefit from decades of engineering experience. Eliminating the need to use public charging ports also makes your EV charging more convenient and secure.


Whether you’re looking for a home charging point or a bank of business charging ports, Pro EV can help you find the ideal charger for your Smart car. To find an EV charger installation specialist near you, contact Pro EV today.

Looking to upgrade your EV driving with home Smart car battery charger installation?

Discover the Smart car range

There are several electric vehicles available that are designed to infuse the quirky spirit of Smart cars with the power of electricity. These compact vehicles offer a fast charging speed and enough driving range for day to day use.

To get the best charging speeds from your Smart car, talk to the expert EV charger electricians at Pro EV. All the vehicles in the electric Smart car range feature a powerful and compact 60 kW battery. To keep your battery working at its best, you need a home Smart car battery charger.

The two-seater Smart EQ for two and its convertible equivalent, the Smart EQ fortwo Cabrio, provide a range of 81 miles and have a charging speed of just 40 minutes. That gives you an average charging speed of two miles per minute when you use a professionally installed Smart car battery charger.

For a little bit more space, the four-seater Smart EQ forfour is a popular choice amongst eco-conscious drivers. The Smart EQ for four has a maximum range of 78 miles and matches the Smart EQ fortwo with a charging speed of 40 minutes.

At Pro EV we offer expert home and business EV charger installation services. With Pro EV, you can be confident that you are getting the best charging speed and driving range from your electric Smart car.

If your home meets the installation requirements, our EV charger engineering experts can offer you the best Smart car compatible chargers from some of the biggest brands. This includes the Andersen A2, Easee One, EO Mini Pro, Hypervolt Home, Myenergi Zappi, Ohme Home Pro, Rolec Wallpd and Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Advantages of Smart car battery charger installation

With Smart car battery charger installation from Pro EV, you can enjoy the most convenient and fast charging available. Having a Smart car charger in your home will stop you from having to waste time and money using public EV charging ports. Our EV charging engineers can also connect your Smart car battery charger to the EQ Ready app.


Compatible with all the fantastic electric vehicles in the Smart EQ range, this user-friendly application will allow you to keep track of your vehicle from anywhere in the world. With the touch of a button, you can monitor your battery levels and charging status. You can also see how long it will take for your battery to reach 100 per cent power. These features allow you to have full control of your Smart car battery. If you are unexpectedly caught with low power, you can even use the app to find the nearest public charging station.


By connecting you to the EQ Ready app, our EV engineers can save you money on your electricity bills. This is because the app can intelligently detect when your energy tariff is at its lowest. It will then charge your car when it is most cost-effective to do so. Other useful features include pre-entry climate control for achieving the perfect temperature for your journey. You can also enjoy real-time weather updates and important status notifications delivered straight to your phone. For example, the app will tell you if your tyre pressure is low. It will also inform you if any other part of your vehicle is underperforming.


Contact the specialist team at Pro EV to enjoy all of these Smart car EV charger benefits. After expert installation, we will be on hand to offer dedicated aftercare and troubleshooting for any EV charger issues that you might encounter.

Struggling the find the best Smart car battery charger for you? Pro EV is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

The charging speed of your electric Smart car will depend on the model of your vehicle. It will also be impacted by the method of charging that you are using. With a professionally installed Smart car battery charger, you can enjoy the fastest charging speeds. Charging at home during the night allows you to make the most of your EV range every day.


It also eliminates the need to plan your journey around the availability of public EV charging points. To find the best Smart car battery charger for you, get in touch with the expert Pro EV team today. We can recommend and install the best EV charger for your needs

The fastest and most convenient way of charging your electric Smart car is by plugging it into a dedicated EV charger. With a home or business Smart car battery charger you can charge your vehicle every time you are parked for a long period. This stops you from having to plan your journey around the location of public EV charging points.


You could also charge your electric Smart car with a domestic three-pin plug. However, this is not a recommended charging solution. As well as being the slowest method of charging, it also involves running wires from inside your house to your car. To find the best Smart car battery charger, contact Pro EV today.

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