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Indra Smart Pro installation

The Indra Smart Pro can revolutionise your home EV charging. Are you ready to enter the future?

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If you want to enjoy cheaper, faster and more convenient charging, you need an Indra Smart Pro.

With a host of unique features, the Indra Smart Pro is one of the most intelligent EV chargers on the market. You will also enjoy the maximum convenience from your charging solution, with WiFi, 4G and ethernet connectivity. This revolutionary British-made charger is also solar compatible. This allows you to take advantage of the free and clean energy generated by your solar panels.

Indra is one of the fastest-growing EV charger companies in Britain. It has built much of its reputation upon the abilities of the Indra Smart Pro charge point. If you want to enjoy cheaper, faster and more convenient charging, you need an Indra Smart Pro. Contact the expert EV charger electricians at Pro EV to begin your installation process today. We can provide hassle-free installation all around the country.

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Charger Description

Charging speed: 7 kW Fast Charger

Connection types: Tethered

Dimensions: 200 x 420 x 130mm

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Benefits of an Indra Smart Pro

Owning an Indra Smart Pro doesn’t just give you the benefits of fast and convenient home charging. It also comes with patented PESTs technology that protects you from PEN faults, Earthing faults, voltage risks and any other electrical issues associated with EV charging. An unrivalled level of protection makes the Indra Smart Pro one of the safest on the market.

These incredible safety benefits also come alongside a sleek design, easy-to-use features and convenient support from the Indra mobile app. To ensure you are accessing all these features, you need installation from a professional team like Pro EV. Some of the other benefits that come with a professionally installed Indra Smart Pro include:

Cheaper charging

You can take advantage of the lowest electricity prices when using the Indra Smart Pro. This intelligent EV charger will work out when your electricity tariff is the cheapest. It will then charge your vehicle during this less expensive window. With Solar EV Charging, you can also reduce your energy bills by using your free solar power.

Rapid Speeds

By choosing the Indra Smart Pro charge point, you will enjoy a boosted power feature that charges your vehicle at the maximum power available. With the incredible safety features offered by the Smart Pro, you won’t have to worry about tripped fuses, energy surges or any other issues.

Clean installation

The compact size of the Indra Smart Pro makes installation hassle-free, mess-free and clutter-free. The incredible Smart Pro manages to fit a wealth of powerful features inside a compact body. This means there will be no excess wires or messy pieces of hardware cluttering your premises.

Weather protection

The ultimate safety and protection offered by the Indra Smart Pro charge point extends to the climate. This robust charger can stand up to any weather conditions. As a result, you can be confident that your charger will be protected when installed on the side of your home. The charger can also function flawlessly at both high and low temperatures.

Smart charging with the Indra app

The Indra mobile app makes owning and operating an Indra Smart Pro charging point even more convenient. This user-friendly application is compatible with all smartphones. The app allows you to check your charging status, track your history and update your preferences from the palm of your hand.

The application also finds cheaper off-peak charging times, provides automatic software updates and offers smart scheduling. Smart scheduling intelligently generates a personal charging schedule for you. Every time you plug in, the Indra app measures your charging needs and remembers them.

By remembering your charging preferences, the Indra app will know when you need power most. It will then boost the charging power output when required, ensuring you always have the driving miles you need. If you want to make sure you are getting all these features, Contact Pro EV for expert Indra Smart Pro charge point installation.

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Is the EO Mini Pro 3 compatible with Smart EV tariffs?


Smart EV tariffs such as Intelligent Octopus and Ovo Charge Anytime are energy tariffs where the provider connects to your EV charger or compatible EV and only charges your car during the greenest times. The EO Mini Pro 3 is not currently a compatible charger for these smart tariffs, however you may be able to sign up with your car instead.

What is a smart EV charger?


An EV smart charger intelligently manages your electric car charging. Your charger communicates with your vehicle and relays analysis back to your smartphone. With a smart EV charger, you can see exactly how much energy you are using, as well as how much it is costing. Additionally, you can start or stop your charging from the palm of your hand. At Pro EV, our range of EV chargers includes a variety of smart charge points. Contact us for a quote today.