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Lower your home emissions with a solar EV charger

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Having a solar EV charger installed by Pro EV can help your home to become carbon neutral.

Owning an electric vehicle significantly lowers your C02 emissions. However, electricity from the conventional grid still yields harmful emissions. This means that without solar charging, you could still create more emissions than you realise with your electric car driving.

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How does solar powered EV charging work?

Solar EV chargers work by connecting directly to your solar panels. The panels generate solar energy from UV rays, meaning that they can still function in adverse weather. The solar panels convert and store the energy so that it is usable in the home.

One of the green benefits of solar panels is that they can store any excess energy that is not used. This stored energy can then charge your electric vehicle without affecting the power supply to the rest of your home.

Your solar power supply will build green energy throughout the day. Then you can charge your vehicle for free on the stored solar energy. Over time, the installation costs will pay for themselves when using solar panels to charge your car. To do this, you will need a solar enabled EV charger. For expert recommendations on the best solar EV charger for your car, you should always talk to a professional.

Pro EV’s nationwide network of local installers ensures you can have a solar EV charger expert on your premises quickly. With a professional engineer, you guarantee the best solar EV charging speeds and a hassle-free, mess-free installation.

The benefits of solar EV charging

Conventional EV chargers get their power from the grid, a non-renewable energy source. You only eliminate your emissions completely when you charge your electric vehicle using renewable energy sources. Professional solar-powered EV charger installation from Pro EV ensures that your vehicle charging is sustainable and cost-effective.

By using the free energy created by your solar panels, you save money on electricity bills. Even if you do not currently have solar panels, Pro EV can future-proof your EV charging solution. If you plan on installing solar panels in the future, our EV charger electricians can install conventional wall charging points that are solar-ready and can be adapted in the future.

This allows you to access sustainable charging whenever you are ready. By working with Pro EV, we can prepare you for any new eco-friendly power innovations. Our EV charger electricians are fully accredited experts in all forms of EV charger installation. By talking to a Pro EV expert, you will find the perfect solution for your electric vehicle charging needs

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What is a solar EV charger?


A solar EV charger powers your electric vehicle with the energy generated by your solar panels. Instead of sending the excess energy back to the grid, your solar EV charger will store any extra renewable energy and use it to charge your vehicle. This will reduce your carbon footprint while also significantly decreasing your electricity bills. Contact Pro EV today to discover how a solar EV charger could benefit you.

Is the EO Mini Pro 3 a solar charger?


The Mini Pro 3 is compatible with solar panels and solar integration is optional. You can use the charger with both conventional grid power as well as energy generated by solar panels.